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Getting up…can be so hard sometimes

12 Feb

Forecasts say these days will be the coldest…. I’m the kind who likes freezing a little and running back to the house, just to watch a movie but am planning to go to the Blitz Kidz Carnival party @ Sirup this weekend so I need something to keep me up. This post is dedicated to those of you who like to sleep long, take a walk, have lunch with friends….take the best from the weekend.


It usually get’s me out of the bed…. and the smell of breakfast and coffee helps:

Accompanied by:

My favorite new band from Croatia; The Hendikeps (will write about them soon, promise)

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend, if you’re in Zagreb stop by Sirup

Mixel, and Mz Sunday Luv will make sure your masks get trashed


Tonight’s inspiration

11 Feb

Should be writing exam essay, instead I’m hanging on-line, going through blogs I love, listening to music…eating cold cream desserts…everything that’s fun enough to keep me away from my studies…

End, oh boy, oh boy is Danny Roberts something! Igor+André is a must see!

Don’t know about you, but I’m getting one from the Etsy shop. Just have to decide which one…

Tonight’s inspiration

5 Feb

Thanks to one of my favorite sites but does it float I came across Nick van Woert and his work; and, as it usually goes in my life;  it made my evening. This artist is without a doubt a master of dripping technique and though his toy sculptures had made him gain the attention of the art lovers ’round the world, I’m sure his latest work will thrill them. Wonder where will this technique take him; hope to see more.

DJ Brka

2 Feb

I still remember the first time I heard the sound of records played by DJ Brka: I had a gig with my former band in Plastic, Belgrade, while Brka was playing at the other end of it; in Mint club. All I kept thinking was; if only I had  finished our concert sooner I would have been able to hear more from Brkas set. And what a set it was: soft yet meaty, playful yet ripe… as we were heading back to Zagreb, all we kept talking about was Brkas set at Mint, in Belgrade.

Those who are a part of Belgrade clubbing scene know that Slobodan Brkić aka DJ Brka is already an establishment; he has been around for 20 years, and has left his trace in making of it. For us, it was a completely new experience.

Later on I found an article in Beats’n’Sound magazine declaring DJ Brka as The best Serbian DJ of the year 2009. Knowing that behind his name and work hides  distinguishing style followed by faithful audience and a rising amount of  newcomers it didn’t really surprise me. As B’n’S article says Brka is fun and educating at the same time.

During his famous Disco not Disco nights, which take place in various clubs in Belgrade,  he has had a chance to host and play along some remarkable names such as Pat Mahoney, Gilles Peterson, Toby Tobias, Prins Tomas and others.  During this year Brka is planning to play with Daniel Wang, Foolish Felix, Bjorn Torske, Henrik Schwarz, Morgan Geist and…you know what,  just keep your eyes open, I don’t want to give all the info away.

Since I wanted to give you a glimpse at Brkas taste I asked him to make a list of places in Belgrade  and artists from the Balkan region that he prefers. And he was kind and fast enough to provide it:

Brkas picks

Belgrade places :

1. The Tube – Best designed club in the city. If you’re into quality music friday is a day to be in the Tube

2. Wash – Underground “hole” with a great sound system

3. KC Grad – More than a club, a cultural center

4. 20/44 – A boat on Sava river

Musicians from region you should pay attention to:

Slovenia – IchiSan & Nakova

Croatia –  Ilija Rudman, Marko aka Home boy, followed by DJ Sergej, Pytzek, Eddie Ramich, Jogarde

Bosnia – Rida, Poodrum club crew

Serbia – Gordan Paunović, Vlada Janjić, Disco Not Disco partners (Toshke and Schwabe) and Nenad Marković

At the end I’ll leave you to Brkas favorites in the last year

Tensnake – Holding Back (My Love) – Running Back
Azari & III – Reckless with you love – Permanent Vacation
Abel – In Circles – Blackdisco
Rocha – Hands of Love (Fingers of Sand) – International Feel
Mungolian Jet Set – Moon jocks & Prog Rocks
Gus Gus – Thin Ice (Human Woman remix) – Kompakt
Neurotic Drum Band – Robotic Hypnotic Adventure – Wurst
MCDE – Raw Cuts 5/6 – Raw Cuts
Brennan Greene – My First House – Wurst
Hunee – Rare Silk – WT
Bottinn – No Static – Italians Do It Better

Have to say his sets push my buttons every time. So next time you’re in Belgrade make sure not to miss Disco Not Disco with DJ Brka.


1 Feb

Lemon lips is looking for fresh photo talents; doesn’t matter if you’re amateur or a pro. Lemon lips will be posting themes every month for you to send your work, and promote it through blog. You can decide to send photos for every theme, or choose only one: it’s up to you.

This month’s theme is: hair.
Play with it, cut it, make it fly, seduce, talk, scream… whatever you feel like.
You can send minimum 4 photo series, maximum 8 photos for a theme to this address:

You can follow Lemon Lips on Facebook: here’s a link

If you have any questions feel free to ask, or if you have someone to suggest please do so.

Hope these will inspire you: