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play along

30 Apr

Fantastic gif  animations about the life of a designer , created by Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper for design agency Soon in Tokyo should keep you occupied for a while.

And they say they are not artist…. Right, ok.


Darcel and Colette team up

27 Apr

Though I do belive most of you already know about Darcel, and visit this blog regularly, this post should be enough for the ones who are yet to discover his world of fun, and to announce an interesting collaboration with Colette.

“And a miserable day to you too” is an exhibition of painting, prints, sculpture, animation and blogging which will take place in Paris No1 store Colette,  and will last from May 3rd till May 29th.

And…Disappointing Darcel is one of the blogging stars of the event. Without further delay, here’s one of my personal favorite bloggers, and a video announcing the event!

titans only

26 Apr

Titan is a new limited edition menswear project by Marko Janković.  To call him only a designer would be an understatement: variety of his work tells a story of its own; a man with new ideas, but yet with sense of what awaits and what is hip.

Since Marko has embraced his vocation as a whole new lifestyle concept no wonder that his new project has become so popular.  Titan shirts are more than just a shirt; representing a concept and an original mark, they are a complete brand.  For those of you interested in more info about them feel free to contact Marko, and get your own Titan signature.

Erik Otto

25 Apr

Meet Erik Otto;  visual artist, freelance graphic designer, and a co-owner of a limited edition product line focused on art and charity,  New Leaf Collection.

For those who’d like to see more visit Erik Otto blog or an official site.

Brakhage…a glimpse

24 Apr

Weather you’re a fan of experimental film or not, looking at something beautiful and insightful can only trigger your thoughts. Some of the films by Stan Brakhage can  be seen on youtube…

An artist, a filmmaker who managed to make an entire film consisting only of images of light reflected in a glass ashtray, or simply experimenting with Polavision, should be able to capture your attention.

cooking time

23 Apr

Spring surely is here,  and many of you are trying to figure out how to make those summer skinny jeans fit the best. It’s time to cook! Though many would suggest diets, we’re into taking a walk to the market, browsing through, checking the vegetables, fruit, meet, delightful baked products…. absorbing all the smells and colors. Than we suggest coffee with friends and cooking! Start with some healthy and light menus. Recommendation: soup.

Browsing through some culinary blogs and sites, one of the most interesting was definitely Cooking with dog (it’s not what you think) which is  fun, has great asian recipes, and you can quickly get hooked. If Francis doesn’t seem convincing enough, there are several other sites you might find useful such as Green Chefs for ones who are fans of organic food and cherish this lifestyle.

Soup suggestions for this weekend are

Ozoni Soup by Francis, the Dog

Pea soup; for which you can find recipe all over the net (users from Croatia can browse great Coolinarka site). Rumor has it that adding a bit of curry makes the soup superb.  Asparagus soup is also great, specially ’cause now is the time to get them fresh.

If you’re life without sweets is unbearable give this recepie a try:

Or…. if this is not enough; grab a healthy fruit bruschetta with orange-honey cream :

Have a detox weekend, and give yourself a spring  boost.

Glitter…must have!

22 Apr

They look so kitschy, so shinny, so way over the top, and soooo good: they are Judith Leiber crafts! Handbags, belts, jewelry…everything a woman wants; and the are sizzling! Although they do have their specific price, and with a risk of being called snobby,  Lemon lips crew couldn’t help but keep them hidden from you any longer.

Our personal favorites are Pill boxes (any pill fits perfectly)…