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Ted Noten

22 May

Introduction seems irrelevant…fashionistas around the world have already heard and fantasized about Ted Noten’s pieces.


If by any chance you still haven’t had the opportunity to see his work we’re offering you a video by Dutch profiles: a series of short documentaries produced by Submarine.

Ted Noten from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.


New bark @ the streets

10 May

Remember the first time Ugg boots were mentioned in your favorite fashion magazine? To be honest, editors weren’t crazy about them. But who would say that’s true now? Same thing might happen with these ones: although they’ve been around for a while, no one’s crazy about the kind of shoes only our grandmothers might notice. For some reason Lemon crew loves these handmade, flat slipper-like shoes made from super-soft leather.

Taking their name from the saying “When the dogs are barking” – meaning when your feet are tired, the flexible Newbark shoes come conveniently packed up in a little pouch so you can take them wherever you – and your tired feet – go.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

Glitter…must have!

22 Apr

They look so kitschy, so shinny, so way over the top, and soooo good: they are Judith Leiber crafts! Handbags, belts, jewelry…everything a woman wants; and the are sizzling! Although they do have their specific price, and with a risk of being called snobby,  Lemon lips crew couldn’t help but keep them hidden from you any longer.

Our personal favorites are Pill boxes (any pill fits perfectly)…

What’s that I’m spotting? A deer?

23 Mar

I’ve been away for a while, and am very sorry for that, but I’m back in shape and have prepared many new, interesting and bright things for you in the future.

First big news is that, thanks to your constant attention and reading, Lemon lips is moving on and very soon it will change its address from a blog to an official site. The other thing, and I am very pleased to announce is that there will be several other writers;  some of them will guide you through interesting architecture, some through fashion, and I will be here updating you with my favorite locations, shopping spots, musicians,,, and many, many more! But I don’t want to give every detail away and spoil it.

For starters it’s about time for me to introduce you to a brand, most of you probably already heard of, but still it’s more than a fresh name in this region.

Deerspotter is an intriguing design project created by Marko Ćerketa and  Bojan Jovanović. This energetic duo came across the idea of combining edgy cuts with clean lines of graphic design while still on College. This starting idea lead to the birth of a brand that was not just commercial and flat, but is an inside view to the spirit of the streets Deerspotters walk on.

Their second collection features unisex garments with dark but playful prints, and has already concord concept stores in Serbia, and Croatia; such as Belgrade’s top hot spot Supermarket, and Zagreb’s one of personal favorites Prostor.

Yet, knowing, and seeing what these two energetic and idea chasing men are capable off, I’m sooo sure we’ll be hearing more about them in the near future. Till than I’m leaving you with the set of photographs made by Darko Stanimirović.

Spot your ultimate deer and get ready for a hunt!

Russian cravings

10 Jan

Maybe you have seen her photos on Jak & Jil, maybe you have had a chance to glance on her designs somewhere on the net, surfing around…maybe, just maybe you didn’t pay much attention.

If so; please do meet Vika Gazinskaya.

Born in Moscow, Vika studied Costume design at the University of Design and worked as a stylist for l’Officiel Russia.

Combining materials, experimenting with structure she dedicates her clothing to women who are perfectionists, who know exactly what they want and how to get it: differing herself from the most.

As Johanna Cox, from Elle Magazine says: “Of her five collections (all of which can be viewed here), it is impossible to choose just one to focus on, because collectively, they reflect an evolution of what I love most about this designer’s aesthetic, which is her ability to create ultra-feminine silhouettes through extreme shape manipulation.”

If I were to describe her designs in short it would be futuristic, structured, and above all wearable.

Clothing with Vika Gazinskaya signature can be bought TSUM store.

i wonder what goes on in her mind

10 Jan

First time I saw Ana, I thought she had an exquisite style, delightful attitude, and a great talent; a true make up artist touch. Today, she managed to astonish me once more with her drawings and Alice in Wonderland project.

This young fashion designer describes her attitude towards fashion quite mature: “I find it to be a beautiful way of self expression,a game of truth or dare, you either get it or you don’t”. She most certainly does, and even more importantly she manages to play with it without any self-restrictions.

Weather it’s fashion design or simply doodling, Ana has shown it’s not a mere talent; it’s work that grabs observers attention; shows most sincere, momentary and raw feelings. I’m more than certain you’ll be as astonished with her work as I was.

So, not to prolong this: enjoy more at Anas official pages.