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demode fever is exploding…

19 May

…this weekend!

Be sure to be there when it happens. Through years this young, ambitious crew keeps us in motion and this year they’re keen on making the crowd dance the weekend away with their Demode festival! And they are serious about it!

SC (Student center) and SKUC Pauk are the spots where everything is happening.

The party starts on Friday, at 22h with:

Danger, dark but vivid french electro maker best known by his popular remixes for Sebastien Tellier, Estelle, Empire of The Sun and Crystal Method will make you go to the wild side and lose yourself in the crowd and music.

Goto80’s and Raquel Mayers will pump the volume up with the playful and seductive electronic sounds experimenting with the atmosphere. Do not miss this vibrant duo.

And if that’s not enough for you, which I doubt, you’ll most probably get wild with the sound of The Lowbrows; Tokio dance stars. They’ve shared a stage with names like Digitalism, Hot Chip and Steve Aoki….With this sound…no suprises there.


If you get too wild on Sunday, don’t worry,  Saturday is a chilling time.

Starting with Ted Leo and The Pharmacists one of the most exposed East coast USA bands best known for their experimenting with genres like dub, folk and mod.

Croatian Marshmallows will join Ted Leo, as last performers at the Demode stage.

Entire festival is, as usual, accompanied by the best VJ’s who will make sure you experience the Demode party with all your senses.

Go! Dance!

(tickets can be bought at the entrance)



18 May

So, I know it’s not original, and it’s not new anymore, but I’m into publishing my own personal mood today, and Lykke Li is in my player today, hoping the rain and cold weather will end soon.

Feel like dancing!!!

22 Apr

Feel like dancing this weekend! The sun has hit the streets; people are out of their dark coats; colors are splashing from every corner, dark sunglasses have become purple and I feel like doing is dancing…the only thing on my mind is “take me out!”, and boy did I find a gig!

Pytzek is in his best shape ever and will be heating up the atmosphere on the dance floor in Sirup. He’ll also be hosting for Slovenias best: Mique and Ichisan! Take some funk, spice it with disco and you’re free to go! Add it to your Friday to do list!

Will be seeing you in Sirup than this weekend! Would be foolish to miss it!

And here’s a sneak peek by Pytzek


6 Apr

I know her new video’s been on every site these last few weeks, and every single fashion magazine I open is filled with the afro or military look; like nothing else exists…and all of them look the same…

But, in hope that spring is finally on its way, I’m going through Erykah Badu music…and today has such a sunny start; maybe it’ll even last.

Hope she inspires some of you…she knows how to play. If nothing, this song always puts a smile on my face…

DJ Brka

2 Feb

I still remember the first time I heard the sound of records played by DJ Brka: I had a gig with my former band in Plastic, Belgrade, while Brka was playing at the other end of it; in Mint club. All I kept thinking was; if only I had  finished our concert sooner I would have been able to hear more from Brkas set. And what a set it was: soft yet meaty, playful yet ripe… as we were heading back to Zagreb, all we kept talking about was Brkas set at Mint, in Belgrade.

Those who are a part of Belgrade clubbing scene know that Slobodan Brkić aka DJ Brka is already an establishment; he has been around for 20 years, and has left his trace in making of it. For us, it was a completely new experience.

Later on I found an article in Beats’n’Sound magazine declaring DJ Brka as The best Serbian DJ of the year 2009. Knowing that behind his name and work hides  distinguishing style followed by faithful audience and a rising amount of  newcomers it didn’t really surprise me. As B’n’S article says Brka is fun and educating at the same time.

During his famous Disco not Disco nights, which take place in various clubs in Belgrade,  he has had a chance to host and play along some remarkable names such as Pat Mahoney, Gilles Peterson, Toby Tobias, Prins Tomas and others.  During this year Brka is planning to play with Daniel Wang, Foolish Felix, Bjorn Torske, Henrik Schwarz, Morgan Geist and…you know what,  just keep your eyes open, I don’t want to give all the info away.

Since I wanted to give you a glimpse at Brkas taste I asked him to make a list of places in Belgrade  and artists from the Balkan region that he prefers. And he was kind and fast enough to provide it:

Brkas picks

Belgrade places :

1. The Tube – Best designed club in the city. If you’re into quality music friday is a day to be in the Tube

2. Wash – Underground “hole” with a great sound system

3. KC Grad – More than a club, a cultural center

4. 20/44 – A boat on Sava river

Musicians from region you should pay attention to:

Slovenia – IchiSan & Nakova

Croatia –  Ilija Rudman, Marko aka Home boy, followed by DJ Sergej, Pytzek, Eddie Ramich, Jogarde

Bosnia – Rida, Poodrum club crew

Serbia – Gordan Paunović, Vlada Janjić, Disco Not Disco partners (Toshke and Schwabe) and Nenad Marković

At the end I’ll leave you to Brkas favorites in the last year

Tensnake – Holding Back (My Love) – Running Back
Azari & III – Reckless with you love – Permanent Vacation
Abel – In Circles – Blackdisco
Rocha – Hands of Love (Fingers of Sand) – International Feel
Mungolian Jet Set – Moon jocks & Prog Rocks
Gus Gus – Thin Ice (Human Woman remix) – Kompakt
Neurotic Drum Band – Robotic Hypnotic Adventure – Wurst
MCDE – Raw Cuts 5/6 – Raw Cuts
Brennan Greene – My First House – Wurst
Hunee – Rare Silk – WT
Bottinn – No Static – Italians Do It Better

Have to say his sets push my buttons every time. So next time you’re in Belgrade make sure not to miss Disco Not Disco with DJ Brka.

The heart is where Home Boy is

10 Jan

Those of you who have searched for an interesting house music that will sweep you of your feet on the dance floor, search no more:

Marko Pelaić aka HomeBoy has blazed a trail of experimental Disco and House influenced music since 2004. A strong penchant for 80s and 90s House, Electronic and Disco music would ultimately lead to an assembly line of releases on Home Made. Speak Recordings is proud to present Home Boys latest creation in Good Times and Trombone Lullaby.

Good Times takes center stage, with an underlying bed of late 80s House. A pulsing bass line, 909 drum work and layered synth-lines build into an infectious groove, reminiscent of late 80s Chicago House.
Trombone Lullaby is also a tip of the hat to seminal House and delivers a swinging groove, melodic bassline and hypnotic trombone riff. Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) delivers his Good Night Mix and puts a Nu-disco spin on the track.

Before the interview the sound of Home Boy awaits you here:

Good times

Trombone Lullaby

Home Boys latest release for Speak Recordings can be purchased on Turntable Lab Digital.


10 Jan

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Sirup is the latest hot spot in terms of clubbing in Zagreb. Weather you are looking for house, techno, disco, burlesque or simply urban sound and surroundings be certain that this is the one place where you can enjoy all the electronic forms.

Its dedication to attend the guests aesthetic needs; from soft and unique interior with intimate and cozy, but vibrant atmosphere to music expression provided by eminent DJ’s and producers with bold personal signature; is more than astonishing.

During the first year of existence at the clubbing scene in Zagreb, many great names have passed through Sirup spiral corridor: Andrew Weatherall, Jennifer Cardini, Ivan Smagghe, Charles Webster, Terence Fixmer, Justin Martin just to name a few.

Reasonable and, above all amusing, mix of genres as well as fashion expressions is what makes Sirup an ideal club for those who love and cherish quality music, its clearest and most vibrant forms and are ready to enjoy it on the dance floore.

Tickets for each event can be purchased right at the club entrance: the price list varies from 5 to 10 euros, depending on the event and the name of an artist carrying it.

Sirup is located slightly outside a city center but is well connected, and easy to find weather you are trying to reach it by city tram or taxi.

All the news about the coming events can be followed on Sirup official site as well as myspace and facebook.