wake up call

19 May

Zagreb is finally standing up for itself!

Those of you who have had a chance to pass by the Varšavska street have probably seen firm but friendly crowd of people gathered there with only one goal: ending the long and exhausting, but most of all shameful chain of events, a drama written by the mayor. Shady deals, illegal businesses, no questions asked… The mayor decided to play his own game regardless of public.

But, guess he wasn’t counting on the public standing up, taking charge, since it was dormant for quite some time now. I am so happy to say, it’s finally awake, and this is what it looks like!

So if you are passing by Varšavska street, take some time and join the crowd; it’s worth it!

All photos are by Tomislav Turković. Visit his site or Facebook album page and see the rest of great work with his signature.


true colors

19 May

Show us what you’re like. Lemon lips is eager to get to know its readers, and we’d like you to send us some photos of your home, little things you find dear, your favorite places, things that make you happy and brighten your everyday life.

Send us your photos along with your name, or alias at ana.seserinova@gmail.com, and we’ll add it to our collage wall.

Looking forward to it 🙂

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18 May

So, I know it’s not original, and it’s not new anymore, but I’m into publishing my own personal mood today, and Lykke Li is in my player today, hoping the rain and cold weather will end soon.

just some…

17 May

…that are just…

New bark @ the streets

10 May

Remember the first time Ugg boots were mentioned in your favorite fashion magazine? To be honest, editors weren’t crazy about them. But who would say that’s true now? Same thing might happen with these ones: although they’ve been around for a while, no one’s crazy about the kind of shoes only our grandmothers might notice. For some reason Lemon crew loves these handmade, flat slipper-like shoes made from super-soft leather.

Taking their name from the saying “When the dogs are barking” – meaning when your feet are tired, the flexible Newbark shoes come conveniently packed up in a little pouch so you can take them wherever you – and your tired feet – go.

What do you think? Hit or miss?

Swept away by Collage

6 May

Inspiration for today has no article attached to it; mostly ’cause I was impatient enough to search for info. Mea culpa. Still, these collage works speak for themselves.

More at site.

play along

30 Apr

Fantastic gif  animations about the life of a designer , created by Johnny Kelly and Matthew Cooper for design agency Soon in Tokyo should keep you occupied for a while.

And they say they are not artist…. Right, ok.