The heart is where Home Boy is

10 Jan

Those of you who have searched for an interesting house music that will sweep you of your feet on the dance floor, search no more:

Marko Pelaić aka HomeBoy has blazed a trail of experimental Disco and House influenced music since 2004. A strong penchant for 80s and 90s House, Electronic and Disco music would ultimately lead to an assembly line of releases on Home Made. Speak Recordings is proud to present Home Boys latest creation in Good Times and Trombone Lullaby.

Good Times takes center stage, with an underlying bed of late 80s House. A pulsing bass line, 909 drum work and layered synth-lines build into an infectious groove, reminiscent of late 80s Chicago House.
Trombone Lullaby is also a tip of the hat to seminal House and delivers a swinging groove, melodic bassline and hypnotic trombone riff. Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area) delivers his Good Night Mix and puts a Nu-disco spin on the track.

Before the interview the sound of Home Boy awaits you here:

Good times

Trombone Lullaby

Home Boys latest release for Speak Recordings can be purchased on Turntable Lab Digital.


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