10 Jan

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Sirup is the latest hot spot in terms of clubbing in Zagreb. Weather you are looking for house, techno, disco, burlesque or simply urban sound and surroundings be certain that this is the one place where you can enjoy all the electronic forms.

Its dedication to attend the guests aesthetic needs; from soft and unique interior with intimate and cozy, but vibrant atmosphere to music expression provided by eminent DJ’s and producers with bold personal signature; is more than astonishing.

During the first year of existence at the clubbing scene in Zagreb, many great names have passed through Sirup spiral corridor: Andrew Weatherall, Jennifer Cardini, Ivan Smagghe, Charles Webster, Terence Fixmer, Justin Martin just to name a few.

Reasonable and, above all amusing, mix of genres as well as fashion expressions is what makes Sirup an ideal club for those who love and cherish quality music, its clearest and most vibrant forms and are ready to enjoy it on the dance floore.

Tickets for each event can be purchased right at the club entrance: the price list varies from 5 to 10 euros, depending on the event and the name of an artist carrying it.

Sirup is located slightly outside a city center but is well connected, and easy to find weather you are trying to reach it by city tram or taxi.

All the news about the coming events can be followed on Sirup official site as well as myspace and facebook.


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