Russian cravings

10 Jan

Maybe you have seen her photos on Jak & Jil, maybe you have had a chance to glance on her designs somewhere on the net, surfing around…maybe, just maybe you didn’t pay much attention.

If so; please do meet Vika Gazinskaya.

Born in Moscow, Vika studied Costume design at the University of Design and worked as a stylist for l’Officiel Russia.

Combining materials, experimenting with structure she dedicates her clothing to women who are perfectionists, who know exactly what they want and how to get it: differing herself from the most.

As Johanna Cox, from Elle Magazine says: “Of her five collections (all of which can be viewed here), it is impossible to choose just one to focus on, because collectively, they reflect an evolution of what I love most about this designer’s aesthetic, which is her ability to create ultra-feminine silhouettes through extreme shape manipulation.”

If I were to describe her designs in short it would be futuristic, structured, and above all wearable.

Clothing with Vika Gazinskaya signature can be bought TSUM store.


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