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7 Dec

Dear followers,

we’ve moved. Yes it took us a while, but I’m proud to say that it’s been a great first month at our new location and I hope you will visit
There have been some changes you might find interesting; such as Spotter to go service…
Thank you all for reading, keep doing it at the Dot!



Still constructing…

12 Jul

…but still finding time to hit the beach and it’s more than great!

Croatian coast, brilliant food…. it’ will be hard; getting back to constructing, but it won’t take long. Promise

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Some old school ex yu sonds

Under construction!

15 Jun

Since the Lemon lips page is moving, I’d like to inform you that I’ll stop posting news to this site. Come August new address and name will finally be activated, and I’ll keep you posted with all the news.

‘Till than: thank you for reading and see you soon at the new location 🙂


Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku

4 Jun

Don’t miss out Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku at Tuškanac cinema, at midnight, tonight:

(O) is Max Hattler and Noriko Okaku’s third collaborative live performance after Oh Yes – which they toured across
Europe in 2009 – and 3-screen performance /\/\/\ which premiered at Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2009.
Max and Noriko first met when studying Animation together at the Royal College of Art. There are
several parallels in their animation-based experimental, semi-narrative, non-dialogue approach to working with
film and video. Apart from their live work, they have collaborated on several projects ranging from tour visuals
for The Egg and Basement Jaxx to stop-motion film Aanaatt and Max’s latest short film Spin.

(O) premiered at the London Short Film Festival in January 2010. With (O), Max returns to his teenage roots in sound/music-making and makes a first foray into combined live video and audio performance, complemented
by Noriko’s surreal animated visuals.

Check it at Vimeo


26 May

„Rome is an amazing city which in its urban texture and human life sums up centuries of history and culture.  Clichés and paradoxes live here cheek-by-jowl: archeology and antiquity meet up with all the vitality of contemporary life: this is its real historical present , something quite different from stereotyped images.“
First thought that comes to mind when thinking of Rome, is surely not contemporary art. Keeping in mind some of the main notions of the contemporary art that nothing is constant, invariable, and that all is in fact subject to change, and often not at all what it seems, french architect and urbanist Odile Decq (in cooperation with her husband Benoit Cornett), designs the new museum of contemporary art in Rome, at the location of the former Perroni brewery.

MACRO (Museo d’ Arte Contemporanea Roma) has been conceived for a long time as a small gallery out of the main current of contemporary art. Odile’s project intents to change the perception of the old brewery into a contemporary center that will not be presented as a closed set of containers for series of art works, but an open territory, an integral part of the city and its life. Odile restrains from designing a gallery, a museum, she designs a stratified territory, a scenario, largely open to its surroundings and the city itself, whose integral part it drives to become. MACRO answers the static surround with dynamic, monement and evidence.

It is inscribed in an already built and conceived, although with no true identity, architectural and urban context in a system of transition in which all new pollutes. Its every part is complexly clear and attractive. Discovering in sequences becomes, grows into a happening. Ramps, passways, passages, communication, paths or pathways inside the exhibition spaces, the exhibition themselves, installation and happenings… offer a wide variety of possibility for experiencing, learning, looking, feeling the art. Odile does not only plan standing in front of the art pieces, but, also, from above, from below, from near or from a far perspective, from only one place or in turning around at different levels… flexibility is given to the gallery to be a tool in the hands of the invited art directors and scenographers.
„The intention of the project is to locate dynamics disbalance by identifying a point of rupture, with an objective of generating conflict, traversing the boundaries, rediscovering a sort of creative instability, which is according to Odile Decq, is the only method of achieving the harmony of the contemporary art spirit, constant exploration of new paths and means.”
Odile Decq, finds the inspiration, as for her other projects, as well as for MACRO in the constant fluxes and changes. MACRO is in one moment, in conflict, creative instability, and at the same time it establishes a harmonious link with art in constant change and exploration of boundaries.

Author: Bibi

Ted Noten

22 May

Introduction seems irrelevant…fashionistas around the world have already heard and fantasized about Ted Noten’s pieces.


If by any chance you still haven’t had the opportunity to see his work we’re offering you a video by Dutch profiles: a series of short documentaries produced by Submarine.

Ted Noten from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.

demode fever is exploding…

19 May

…this weekend!

Be sure to be there when it happens. Through years this young, ambitious crew keeps us in motion and this year they’re keen on making the crowd dance the weekend away with their Demode festival! And they are serious about it!

SC (Student center) and SKUC Pauk are the spots where everything is happening.

The party starts on Friday, at 22h with:

Danger, dark but vivid french electro maker best known by his popular remixes for Sebastien Tellier, Estelle, Empire of The Sun and Crystal Method will make you go to the wild side and lose yourself in the crowd and music.

Goto80’s and Raquel Mayers will pump the volume up with the playful and seductive electronic sounds experimenting with the atmosphere. Do not miss this vibrant duo.

And if that’s not enough for you, which I doubt, you’ll most probably get wild with the sound of The Lowbrows; Tokio dance stars. They’ve shared a stage with names like Digitalism, Hot Chip and Steve Aoki….With this sound…no suprises there.


If you get too wild on Sunday, don’t worry,  Saturday is a chilling time.

Starting with Ted Leo and The Pharmacists one of the most exposed East coast USA bands best known for their experimenting with genres like dub, folk and mod.

Croatian Marshmallows will join Ted Leo, as last performers at the Demode stage.

Entire festival is, as usual, accompanied by the best VJ’s who will make sure you experience the Demode party with all your senses.

Go! Dance!

(tickets can be bought at the entrance)